Church History

Mt. Zion Baptist Church (BRR) was founded in 1886 by Reverend W. M. Chestnut. It was started under a brush harbor at a place called Jeno Branch. The seats were made of pine slabs. The congregation then decided that they wanted a temple in which to serve God, so the first temple was built and constructed with pine slabs.

After Reverend Chestnut's administration, Reverend McGuirt became the Pastor. The second temple was built of real lumber during his administration. Reverend Pearl of Rock Hill, South Carolina, became the third pastor of the church and served 14 years. After Reverend Pearl resigned, Reverend M. L. Wade served the church for four years before he died. After his death, Reverend A. D. Dennis was voted in as our new pastor. He was the pastor for 25 years.

Reverend H. G. Grant became the next pastor and served for six years. Reverend Charles Davis became pastor for a short but productive period of time. Under his administration the Mt. Zion Gospel Choir originated.

Reverend D. L. Glover became the next pastor. During his administration the third temple was built. While in the planning stage, there was a question of where to build. Because of her long standing relationship with the governor's family, Sarah Belton contacted Governor John West, and he deeded the property of the church's present location to the Mt. Zion Baptist Church for $1.00. The church members had faith, so the temple was built. The loan was repaid and the mortgage was burned five years later. The temple was dedicated to God under Reverend Glover's leadership. He served as pastor for 18 years until his health began to fail and he died.

During the period between Reverend Glover's passing and our next pastor's election, Reverend James Missouri served as Interim Pastor.

Reverend Eddie J. Woods was elected as pastor on December 25, 1994. Our motto was "A growing church for growing people." Many things were accomplished under Reverend Wood's leadership. The church purchased a van, the parking lot was paved, Children's Church was established, a new member's class was instituted, and a Radio Outreach Ministry was established. Reverend Woods was the pastor of Mt. Zion for four and a half years.

After prayerfully seeking another under shepherd, Reverend Belton Jerome Goodwin was voted in as pastor in 2000. The church motto changed to "A growing church with a family concept." Under Pastor Goodwin's leadership, a Prison ministry was established, a Hospitality Committee was formed, Children's Church was re-established and the Male Chorus and Inspirational Choir were formed. A church library was organized and the Couple's Ministry was formed. Pastor Goodwin had a vision to expand the church building. After much prayer and preparation, the vestibule was completed and dedicated to God in 2006.

We have been blessed to purchase ten acres of land with two apartments units on it.

Pastor Goodwin was the pastor of Mt. Zion for fifteen years.

During our time of transition until a new pastor elected, Reverend Mary McIlwain served as interim pastor.

In June 2016, Mt. Zion elected Reverend Warren S. Bolton as our new Pastor. Under his leadership, Mt. Zion will continue educating on our past and embraces our the future blessings destined to be bestowed on us.

We are a "growing church with a family concept," trusting and believing that with God, all things are possible.

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