Widows Ministry

Pastor Walter R. Belton
By the aid of the Holy Spirit, we endeavor to bring together Christian widows of all ages, races, and denominations to show forth the love of Christ in the word and in deed; to invest our time, talents, and assets to promote the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the relief of the poor, the sick, and the needy; to glorify God and promote the edification of the entire body of Christ, with special emphasis on the unique gifts and abilities, as well as the challenges and needs of Christian widows.


  • To form a sisterhood of Christian widows who love God and desire to help others;
  • To participate in private and corporate prayers and fasting for our churches, Pastors, President, leaders, families, and our nation as a whole;
  • To pray for and encourage the salvation of all our kindred and acquaintances;
  • To reach out to new widows and assist them in any way we can;
  • To provide assistance to and visit those who are sick, underprivileged, and in nursing facilities, especially elderly poor widows;
  • To assist with the planning, teaching, and sponsorship of Christian education classes and activities for all women;
  • To sponsor and encourage health screening class for everyone, especially men (e.g., blood pressure and prostate screenings, exercise and estate planning classes);
  • To encourage widows to productively use their time and talents to help others and to gain financial independence;
  • To encourage entrepreneurship/businesses;
  • To form a network of widows via media, Facebook/twitter, etc. Together, to form a list of trusted service providers that can be recommended to provide quality services to widows at a fair price (e.g., carpenters, auto mechanics, electricians, and landscapers, a "Widow's Friends List");
  • To encourage and provide activities that promote spiritual, mental, and physical health, well-being, and fellowship.

Our goals are to match the gifts and abilities of Christian widows with the needs of the entire body of Christ, and to organize a Christian support system, especially for widows. Service, Outreach, Support.

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